Amber - Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

I believe that we are all survivors of something. All people have had something they’ve had to overcome in some way. I was sexually molested by my uncle, my mom’s sister’s husband at the time.  My Mom didn’t have a resource to help and support me. So she really had to find her own ways to get through the trauma of what she was going through as the parent of someone who had survived sexual abuse.  The word courage was our word. My mom taught me how to walk into the fire, and that you don’t have to be afraid. Having the courage to share our stories helps other people to find the courage to share theirs.  We have this incredible gift to reframe what happens to us in our life and we don’t have to be victims forever. If you’re holding something in, a truth that only you know, it’s eating you alive, in some way. Having the courage to ask for help is the greatest gift you can give yourself, it’s freedom. And that’s what everybody wants is to feel freedom and to feel their own love and their own joy….that’s what true freedom is, it’s self-acceptance. It’s self-love.   I think that releasing what no longer serves us helps us to see the gifts in the things we survive and overcome. Now I’m experiencing life as a mother, it’s another opportunity for me to do a deeper level of healing. as she grows and as we grow together. It makes me feel so good, it makes me realize, history doesn’t need to repeat itself.